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Restraining Orders
Whether you're seeking the protection of a restraining order or responding to allegations of harassment, our firm has the experience and expertise to win your case. 

We understand the complicated rules of evidence -- how to properly admit the things that you want the judge to hear, and how to suppress the facts that might hurt your case.  We also know how to effectively examine witnesses, how to frame the issues, and generally how to present your case in the most favorable light possible. 

If you've been the victim of domestic violence, civil harassment, workplace violence or elder abuse, you may be eligible to seek the protection of a restraining order.  

If  you've been falsely accused of harassment, we can defend you, too.  Restraining orders are serious matters and false allegations are worth fighting.  As the subject of a restraining order, you may be denied employment or professional licenses.  You will also be denied the right to purchase or possess firearms.  Further, you can be arrested if you violate the terms of the judge's order.

There are many possible strategies and tactics at restraining order hearings, but only an expert can determine the best plan of action for your particular case.  

If you've been the victim of harassment, or if someone has filed a petition for a restraining order against you in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino, call us for a free consultation.  

Our firm also has experience defending individuals who are accused of violating existing restraining orders.  Violating a restraining order can be punished under PC 166(a)(4) or PC 273.6, depending on the specifics of your case.  If you are arrested and accused of violating a restraining order, call us to discuss your options with an attorney.   

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