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Marijuana Law:

-NORML is the largest and oldest group working to reform marijuana laws in the United States.  Their page contains lots of great info and helpful resources for anyone interested in learning more about drug policy.  

-The Drug Policy Alliance is another group that is working hard to end marijuana prohibition.  They have been very active in lobbying the federal government to reschedule marijuana and in using the courts to advocate on behalf of medical marijuana users and suppliers.  

-Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is a group of current and former police officers, judges and prosecutors who have been on the front lines of the Drug War and have realized that marijuana prohibition is simply not working.  LEAP is dedicated to ending the wasteful and ineffective War on Drugs. 

-Americans for Safe Access is a non-profit agency that works to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients, caregivers, doctors and providers. 

-The California Health & Safety Code, sections 11357 - 11362.5 includes applicable marijuana laws and the "Compassionate Use Act", which makes certain exceptions for "qualified patients" and their caregivers.  

-The California Health & Safety Code, sections 11362.7 - 11362.83 includes the "Medical Marijuana Program", which expressly legalized patient co-ops and collectives. 

DUI Resources:

-The California Vehicle Code, sections 23152-23229, Offenses Involving Alcohol and Drugs includes the various laws regarding DUI and DUI-related offenses in California.  

-Blood Alcohol Calculator: use this tool to quickly determine whether or not you might be over the legal limit and unsafe to drive.  

-DUI Programs -- Directory of Service Providers: If you are accused of a DUI, the DMV will suspend your driver's license and will not reissue it to you until you enroll in an approved alcohol education program.  This is a directory of state-approved alcohol programs.  Use this list to find an alcohol school near your home.  

News and Information:

-The SoCal Law Blog is your source for the most up-to-date news and commentary from the world of criminal justice in Southern California.  

Court Links:

-Orange County Superior Court
-Riverside County Superior Court
-Los Angeles County Superior Court
-San Bernardino County Superior Court

More Useful Links:

-Never Get Busted is a great line of videos produced by Barry Cooper.  Barry is a former police officer from Texas who specialized in drug interdiction.  After spending years putting folks in jail for possessing small amounts of drugs, Barry saw the light and realized that prohibition simply doesn't work.  Now Barry uses his skills to educate others about police tactics and how to beat them.  He is a renowned expert on police misconduct and regularly testifies as a defense witness at jury trials around the country.  

-The California Innocence Project does amazing work to exonerate people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes.  Many of their clients have spent years in prison, even on death row, for crimes that they did not commit.