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People v. S.A (Fontana)
Police attempted to serve an arrest warrant at a private home. Police erroneously entered the wrong house and arrested the wrong man. Defendant was accused of physically resisting arrest by fighting with the police.  Case dismissed after a hung jury.
Recent Successes
At the Law Offices of John W. Bussman, Inc., our experienced staff of attorneys and paralegals take pride in their successes. The following are a few examples of cases that we have recently resolved on favorable terms. These examples are not guarantees or predictions of future success.  The circumstances of your particular case may or may not be analogous to these examples.  No attorney can accurately predict how your case will resolve without thoroughly reviewing the facts, evidence, witness statements and many other issues which may affect the outcome.  To preserve confidentiality, the names of clients have been replaced with initials.   

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People v. J.M (Chino)
Defendant was arrested on suspicion of DUI.  His BAC was allegedly .22% at the time of his arrest (nearly 3x the legal limit).  Defendant is also a member of a well-known "outlaw" motorcycle club.  Case dismissed because police failed to follow proper arrest procedures.  
People v. S.A. (Barstow)
Vehicular manslaughter. Defendant caused a collision which resulted in the death of a young woman.  Case reduced to a misdemeanor. Defendant sentenced to 1 year of informal probation, $100 fine and no jail time. 
People v. J.G. (Fullerton)
Defendant admitted to investigators that he had embezzled $700-$800 from his employer. Defendant ordered to complete 12 hours of counseling.  Case dismissed without any jail time, fines or restitution. 
People v. D.Y. (Blythe)
Defendant was apprehended with a large sum of currency (nearly $40,000), along with evidence of drug sales.  He was accused of possessing proceeds derived from criminal activity and charged with a felony.  Case reduced to a misdemeanor.  Defendant sentenced to probation with no jail time, fines or community service.  
People v. A.P. (Murrieta)
Defendant admitted to detectives that he had exposed himself to underage girls.  Sentenced to community service and not required to register as a sex offender.  
Client Testimonials 
Here's what our clients are saying about us:
"John is a great attorney. He is knowledgeable, honest and very blunt, but that's what you need in a lawyer.Someone who wont beat around the bush.He had my felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. His fees were reasonable and even drove 3 hours each way to the courthouse. Thank you for your dedication John! -- David.
"Mr. Bussman was tremendous during the most difficult time of my life. He always treated me with respect and was always honest.-- Vince
"Mr. Bussman recently represented me on a minor criminal issue and he was outstanding. He was clear as to the charges, the potential penalties and the procedure. He stayed in touch with updates, reacted very quickly to last minute issues and represented my best interests throughout and, as a result, the charges were dropped. Thank you Mr. Bussman for your representation and your professionalism! I would recommend you to anyone who needs a good attorney." -- Anon. 
"John, you're such a good lawyer!  Always ready to do your best from start to finish on the case.  When my son saw you, he said 'He looks like Superman! That will work!'.  The boys and I thank you so much for our victory!"  -- Denise 
The "Old" Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, CA
People v. B.S. (Fontana)
Defendant was accused of DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration that was double the legal limit (0.16%). Charge reduced to "Wet & Reckless".  
People v. T.A. (Fullerton)
​Defendant was charged with assault, battery and being drunk in public.  Case dismissed on the morning of trial.  
People v. J.M. (Torrance)
Defendant admitted to engaging in lewd conduct in an intoxicated, underage girl.  Reduced to a misdemeanor with probation and no sex offender registration.