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Criminal Defense
The field of "criminal defense law" includes DUI, misdemeanors, felonies, domestic violence, probation violations and expungements.  

We are Orange County's criminal defense experts.  If your freedom is at stake, don't take chances with a lawyer who "dabbles" in criminal defense.  You need a qualified, competent lawyer on your side -- one whose practice is devoted entirely to criminal defense and related issues.  

Criminal defense practice is unique compared to other areas of law. Retaining an experienced, local criminal defense attorney can give you a huge advantage in the courtroom. Our firm has the personal knowledge and experience necessary to protect your interests. 

Call us for a free consultation. We'll evaluate your case to give you a realistic idea of how we can help.  Our compassionate staff will work hard to earn your trust and to deliver the outstanding results that our clients expect.  
DUI-Related Crimes

-Driving While Impaired / with a BAC > 0.08%
-Under-age DUI
-Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana / Drugs
​-Driving on a Suspended License

Drug Crimes

-Possession for Personal Use
-Manufacture (meth / hash oil)
-Under the Influence

Violent Crimes

-Assault / Battery
-Child Abuse
-Gang Cases

Property Crimes

-Grand Theft
-Welfare Fraud

Other Criminal Matters

-Drunk in Public
-Probation Violations
​-Sentence Modifications
-Bench Warrants
-Child Endangerment
-DUI with Injury / Death
-DMV Issues
-"Wet & Reckless"
-Hit & Run
-Possession for Sale
-Cultivation of Marijuana
-Medical Marijuana
-Prop. 36 / PC 1000 Diversion
-Domestic Violence
-Injuring Spouse / Cohabitant
-Murder / Manslaughter
-Criminal Threats / Terrorist Threats

-Petty Theft
-Identity Theft
-Grand Theft Auto (GTA)
​-Possession of Access Card
-Resisting Arrest
-Disturbing the Peace / Fighting
-Expungements / Dismissals
-White Collar Crime
-Juveline Delinquency
-Restitution Hearings
​-Animal Abuse / Neglect
Serving All Southern California Courts
Orange County

-Newport Beach (Harbor Justice Center)  
-Westminster (West OC Justice Center) 
-Fullerton (North OC Justice Center)

Riverside County

-Downtown Riverside (Hall of Justice)  
-Murrieta (Southwest Justice Center)  

San Bernardino County

-Downtown San Bernardino  
-Rancho Cucamonga  

Los Angeles County

-West Covina  
-Long Beach  
-El Monte
-East LA

-Santa Ana (Central OC Justice Center)
-Collaborative Courts (mental health court, drug court, veterans' court, etc.


​-Avalon (Catalina Island)
-Central (CCB)
-Vehicular Manslaughter (with or without gross negligence)
-Smoking Medical Marijuana in a vehicle
-Operating a Boat While Impaired

-Van Nuys
-Antelope Valley
-Prescription Fraud

-Felon in Possession of a Firearm
-Elder Abuse
-Sexual Assault / Rape
-False Imprisonment
-Commercial Burglary
-Residential Burglary
-Receiving Stolen Property
-Bail Reduction
-Fish & Game Violations 
-Motions for Return of Property / Firearms
-Restraining Orders
-Pimping / Pandering / Human Trafficking
-Loitering / Soliciting Prostitution